Sorry, temporary we only do estimate only for customers living in Thailand. In the near future we would open worldwide by mail.
Step to Estimate
1. Fill the estimate form in order for us to email you the repair price.
2. Wait for our email to inform you our repair price and our price approval code.
3. If you agree on our price just click on paypal icon for payment.
4. Print out transaction detail page from paypal and place it in a package along with your item to be repaired.
5. Take the parcel to the post office or call your local courier.

Estimate form

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Please use one form for one item to be repaired.

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Handbag/Tote/Purse Wallet
Belt Shoes/Boots
Back-Pack Leather Jacket
Leather Wear Computer Bag
Card Holder Briefcases
Beauty Case Other Leather Items
Golf Bag Top Cover Traveling Accessories
Type in your request such as :
- Umbrella Stem (replacement of ribs)
- Dog’s carrying bag

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Select repair
Install Zipper on bag that did not have zipper previously Adjust Strap (Punching Additional Hole)
Change Zipper’s Head (Slider) Change Strap
Change Zipper Strap Shortening
Change Inner Lining Change Strap Lining
Change Inner Base Lining Stitching
Change Plastic Lining Patching
Corners Covering Reshaping
Corners Coloring Gluing
Screws and Loops Mending
Buckles Change Leather Jacket’s Collar / Sleeves
Magnet Change Handle
Elastic Change Foot Stand
Locks Change Combination Lock
Gold Plating for Parts Make New Golf Cover
Nickel Plating for Parts Snaps